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You see right here some of my latest, if not always the greatest, works. (I don't think I've done much great works, anyway...) Please see the full gallery - it's usually bound to have something actually interesting in it.


Not as much "favourites" as it is "darn cool stuff" - I don't really try to play favourites. =) I randomly mash that big wonderful :+fav: button when I see something nice or interesting or fascinating or wonderful or just plain awesome. All of these get sorted in the collections eventually.


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Urpo Lankinen
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Big Good WWWWolf Draws and Tells Stories®.

I'm a random passionate writer and blogger. I mostly write fantasy and science fiction. Well, mostly fantasy. I haven't actually tried to get anything published yet, though I've shared some of my writing with other people and they didn't think it was half bad. (Much of it is also in dA. Feel free to take a read!)

I'm also good at attempting to draw things and dabble in other forms of art.

Besides of that, I'm mostly just a random programmer.


Dream doodle: Witch (20140806) by wwwwolf
Dream doodle: Witch (20140806)
All I remember was that this was a video game dream. About solving a mystery. It was probably a Sherlock Holmes -esque Victorian thing in London, though you couldn't actually play as Sherlock Holmes, you had your own character. At one point you could find random pistols on one passageway floor and examine the bullets, kind of in Bioshock/Dishonored manner. All of the characters moved independently and sometimes they had to go to face other characters elsewhere.
At one point you went to some industrial area/loading dock where people were waiting for some robed monk/secret society characters to escort them to the sewers.
At one point, I decided to go undercover and I went to one two-storey wooden building where a lot of witches were sleeping. They weren't good or bad people. They were dressed kind of like Morrigan from DA: O, but not quite. All of them carried this weird crooked staff that had weighty thing with moons and discs in the end. It was kind of awesome.
That's where I woke up or something.

NaNoWriMo is on AGAIN

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 3, 2013, 3:56 AM
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Yyyeah, the previous entry I posted was about NaNoWriMo being on.

Last year.

Well, guess what - NaNoWriMo is on again!

This year around, I'm once again making an Avarthrel novel - titled "Through Sea and Dead Fields". High fantasy! Privateers! Steampunk hijinks! Communist vampires! It's all here!

I've helpfully gathered all of the relevant stuff on a project page. Please check it out!

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Just some random bookmarks. Not necessarily art-related, but hey.


There's now a box thingy that apparently supports shoutinations. Or something. I guess.
Wed Sep 26, 2012, 8:34 AM


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